LONDON RECAP DAY ONE It took us about an hour to an hour and a half to get to East London. Before heading to our hotel in Heathrow, we made our way to Central London for dinner. Mesmerized by the buildings and lights, I was anxiously waiting to get off the bus and explore. London was … More LONDON, ENGLAND


CANTERBURY RECAP  The following morning after our adventure at Vimy, Yprés, and Lille, we drove to Calais to board the ferry to Dover. It was a very exciting but busy morning, as we had to pass through customs and unload the bus with all of our luggages. Aside from the excitement of going to England, … More CANTERBURY, ENGLAND


BELGIUM RECAP Belgium! Belgium was a surprise as it was unexpected during my trip in Europe. After Vimy, we traveled to the little cheery town of Ypres, a once devastated town located in the Flemish Region of West Flanders. As the centre of the battles between Germany and the Allied Forces during World War 1, … More YPRÉS, BELGIUM


DIEPPE RECAP We woke up pretty early, got ready, packed up, and headed for breakfast. The breakfast was complimentary and buffet-styled so we were able to choose what we wanted. Compared to my Parisian breakfast back in Paris, the breakfast was almost the same except for the croissant and the cheese. The cheese was not … More DIEPPE, FRANCE


NORMANDY FRANCE RECAP Two years ago, I was able to take a life-changing trip to many of the War Memorials, Commonwealth Cemeteries, and famous landmarks that marked the footsteps of World War I and World War II. After our luxuries trip in Paris and Versailles, we took the autoroute to our first stop at Arromanches, … More NORMANDY, FRANCE


LE CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES RECAP Let me begin by saying that it really took me until the end of the tour that I was really at the Palace of Versailles. Versailles was definitely one of my top highlights of my stay in France. Everything was covered in gold and sculpted in a way that was … More VERSAILLES, FRANCE


PARIS RECAP DAY ONE Paris. The city of love, lights and all things magical. When I first arrived in the city, I fell instantly in love. My mind was in a trance, my heart was already gone and my life was about to change. I could remember telling myself you’re not in Paris, you’re just … More PARIS, FRANCE