My bucket list will always be a work in progress as I will constantly be adding to it, but here are just a few things that are on it right now!
Travel to Southeast Asia
Visit Angkor Watt
Visit Watt Benchamabophit in Thailand
Visit the killing fields of Cambodia
Visit Aucshwitz
Visit Anne Frank’s house
Fall in Love
Graduate from University
Get my first car – June 2015
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – August 2015
New York City – April 2012
See a Broadway show – April 2012
Sight see New York City- Manhattan, Staten Island, Hudson River – April 2012
Chicago – April 2014
See the Chicago Symphony Orchestra – April 2014
Try Chicago style deep-dished pizza – April 2014
Visit the Bean and the Art Institute of Chicago – April 2014
London, England – March 2014
Walk on the Tower Bridge and sight see the city – March 2014
Paris, France – March 2014
See the Mona Lisa
– March 2014
Visit the Palace of Versailles – March 2014
Visit Belgium and eat chocolate – March 2014
See Buckingham Palace – March 2014
Ride the London Eye – March 2014
Attend a Beyonce concert
Meet a famous person – Met Tom Daley – May 2014
Go skydiving
Go parasailing
Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
Backpack across Europe
Do a mission trip in Kenya – May 2017
Go on an African Safari – May 2017
Study aboard in Sweden, England, or Germany
Learn a new language
Travel to the United Arab Emirates- Abu Dhabi
Visit the Aztec Temples
Go on a yoga retreat
Visit Yosemite National Park
See the Northern Lights
See the Iguazu Falls
Visit India
Celebrate Holi in India
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit Petra, Jordan
Walk the Great Wall of China
See Pompeii
Get Married
Become a mother
Eat pizza in Italy
Visit Amalfi Coast
Learn how to cook an authentic dish in Italy
Eat sushi in Japan
Visit the Deepest Pit in America
Pray in Bali, Indonesia
Make a change


3 thoughts on “THE BUCKET LIST

  1. I love your list! I enjoyed ticking off the ones I had done and adding some new ones! I would love to explore The Aztec Temples!


  2. This list incredible. I love it sooo much xxxx all your wishes are amazing and i really hope you get to travel to all the places you wish. xxx cant wait to read more blog posts from you xxxxxx


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