To all my ladies in the place with your own style and grace, today and every day I celebrate us. I celebrate all of our cultural, social, political, and economic achievements and the movements that were created to solidify our sisterhood. I celebrate our determination, commitment, strength, and power to advance gender equality and support our rights. I celebrate our mothers, daughters, sisters, and allies who have championed gender equality through social innovation and advocacy. Lastly, I celebrate the women that came before us, the women that we have become, and the women of tomorrow.

We have proven again and again that we will not quit. We will not give up on changing the world where equality is achieved for all. We have shown the world that we will not accept our position as subordinate beings, but as equal partners in this patriarchal societyWe have shown strength in numbers where we will not be intimidated into the sidelines and watch old men make decisions on our body and sexuality. We no longer allow anyone to tell us what we can or cannot do and determine our worth because we are a woman. We will continue to resist and will not be silenced into the shadows because we belong. 

We belong as leaders, doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and advocates, where our potential is unlimited. We belong in parliaments, boardrooms, offices, schools, and places where important decisions are being made. We belong in global conversations and inclusive dialogues that will aid in dismantling systems of oppression and advance not only our rights but all human rights. We belong in curated environments where we rise by lifting each other up and empowering those around us. Ultimately, we belong in safe spaces where we feel empowered, confident, strong, and beautiful.

Happy International Women’s Day. Remember, you are the chief-executive-officer, the architect, and the engineer of your life. You can do anything you set your mind to and be anything you aspire to be, so rule like a Queen and be your own superhero. You are fierce. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are woman.



Disclaimer: The featured photo is not mine. Photo by Giacomo Ferroni on Unsplash

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