As I sit here underneath the warmth of my blanket, typing my heart out, and exposing a glimpse of my vulnerability, I want to take a moment to welcome you to the New Year. Welcome to a brand new year filled with new chances, new feels, same dreams, and a fresh start. While it may be a little late – seventeen days in to be exact – I hope this year brings you mountains of joy, laughter, love, prosperity, and happiness.

Perhaps it was the writer’s block I endured for the past few months or the recent changes that have occurred in my life, I have had an itch of writing this blog post for some time now. The topic, as you can infer from the blog post title, is the art of letting go. First and foremost, letting go has been one of my biggest personal struggles. Too often, the concept of letting go has caused me stress, anxiety, and have increased the tossing and turning late at night. Whether it be letting go of a friend, a significant other, a great opportunity, or a loved one, letting go is the hardest challenge to master. 

I find the process of letting go daunting. Wrought with fear, uncertainty, and doubt over the future, what happens next? Where do I go from here? How do I move on from the things I used to know? How do you just simply get up and walk away? I find myself asking these questions multiple times during the day and whether or not I should fight to hold on or fight to let go. As a woman of my own, I prefer to live with certainty and have the answers right at my fingertips. While I am aware that it is unrealistic to have the answers to everything, the fear and uncertainty that comes from letting go is something I have always been afraid of. 

Letting go is an essential art that needs to be mastered. As this past year drew to an end, I found myself ending chapters where I did not want to but I knew I had to. Broken friendships that were not to going last, toxic relationships that were not going to work, and opportunities that were not meant for me. I knew at that of point in my life I needed to learn how to let these things go. In honest truth, I used to be the type of girl who used to chase after people and opportunities in hopes of never losing them. Time after time, I find myself hurt and disappointed, however, I have finally come to terms that not everyone you meet or every opportunity you come across are meant to be with you on this journey called life. 

While I am still on this venture to master this difficult art, letting go became less of a challenge and more of an acceptance. Acceptance – a noun I often repeat to myself when I know I need to let things go. Whether it be something as simple as removing or unfollowing someone off of my friend list or discarding old messages and letters, time and acceptance has made it easier for me to let go. Learning the concept of acceptance has allowed me to digest my current situation, give myself permission to move on, and open up space to foster new connections, opportunities, and vibrations.

Let go of what it was, accept what it is, and have faith in what it will be. That my friend, is my main key to master the art of letting go. 



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