As you come to an end, I begin to reflect on the beautiful twelve months you have given me. You have been a year filled with love, laughter, hope, awareness, and turmoil, and although this may be an understatement, you are the best year out of the twenty-one years of my life. I do not know nor do I want to know how 2018 will top this, but I do know that I will enter the New Year with an optimistic mindset and move on forward; celebrating all of my accomplishments and preparing myself for new challenges that will come my way.

I started off this year in Toronto with the girls – ringing in the New Year with my best friend by my side. As I stand pressed amongst thousands of Torontorians in Nathan Phillip Square, the forecast for 2017 was wrought with uncertainty as I made my way through the busy crowd. After celebrating my twenty-first birthday back at home, I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Chicago where I stood in solidarity with my sisters at the Women’s March. At this moment, I was empowered and knew there was something bigger in store for me.

Come April, I wrote the biggest paper of my University career. A paper that I hold very dear and near to my heart and something that I have been so deeply passionate about. After receiving a high grade on the paper, I knew I was on the right path to unfold my potential of being an advocate for human rights and working with the justice system. Two weeks later, my friends threw me a small surprise party, took me out to dinner, and had girls night before I travelled 12,505 km away.

In May, I embarked on my volunteer trip to Kenya where I gained so much perspective about life, love, and everything in-between. I met so many beautiful people who have given me so much in love and life. After returning home, I did grow apart from friends who I cared for deeply. Although it was difficult, acceptance is the one thing I learned that allowed me to move on forward. In August, I reunited with some of the Kenya girls before driving up to Montreal to end the summer. Once school started up again, my primary focus was solely on my academics.

As I sit here writing this post, I am ending the year celebrating the last day with my family. I have learned so much this year not only about myself but about life in general. These lesson-filled twelve months have been nothing but beautiful and although there were some turmoils along the way, I do not regret a single thing.

Thank you 2017 for the love, laughter, tears, and joy you have brought into my life. As for 2018, I am ready to take you on. Happy New Year my fellow bloggers! May 2018 be a year filled with so much love, laughter, health, and prosperity.

Love always,


*Disclaimer: Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

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