I am my own woman. I am a woman of integrity. I am loving. I am strong. I am not afraid anymore. I will spread hope to others. I will be relentless in my beliefs and morals. I will always put my family first. I will never compromise. I will change the world. And I will be the leading lady of my own life.

At this point in my life, I’ve learned that no matter how kind we are or how pure our intentions may be, we often find ourselves in a place we do not want to be. Be it the trial that inflicts us or the wounds that remind us of the things we find so hard to let go of, we are constantly in battle with ourselves. We often feel as if we are broken and our story has ended – allowing the wounds to define who we are and run the course of our lives. It was not until I began to practice self love, where I learned that there is always a pathway forward. Each step on this path is a step of courage; a step of forgiveness; a step of hope; a step of self love; and a step back to myself.

My path is beautiful yet crooked with obstacles I like to refer to as potholes. Each pothole I come across represents a challenge in my life – whether it be maintaining a good mark in school or letting go of people who no longer serve me well. In each pothole, I will plant a seed. A seed hidden deep within the wounds that is ready to be planted. I will nourish it with love, tears, and sunshine until it blossoms into something more beautiful than the craters they fill- a flower. The flower that blossoms represents growth in the face of adversity – beautiful, yet so rare. It represents my integrity and honesty towards myself and others. It represents a lesson of courage, strength, and dignity. It represents a new chapter of my life when one door closes. Above all, it represents inevitable growth in places I never knew existed.

Along this pathway, I stopped looking for things outside of myself to fulfill me. Rather than looking, everything I needed was within myself. I started to lead the path with my heart rather than my mind – allowing me to be at a place where peace is my priority and negativity does not exist. As I conclude this blog post, I want you to remember that you are beautiful, strong, and the Queen of your own life. Take a path that is right for you and always lead with your heart.



*Disclaimer: Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


  1. What truly awesome words to live by! I hope your message gets shown to many many more people who need it. Keep writing ❤️


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