The following morning the group woke up around seven-in-the-morning, got ready, packed up, and headed down for breakfast at 7:30. Before breakfast, we were asked to bring our bags and backpacks up to the bus for the men to load. The owner that lived near the accommodations had dogs, so they were out and about roaming the area. As such, Rascal, the German Shepard, got a little too excited and started to jump around and nibbled on my arm. Unfortunately, I wore a white shirt that morning, so dirt got all over me.

Having only four hours of sleep during the night and getting dirt all over my shirt fromRascal, I began the morning being miserable. As such, I was not as hungry thus, decided to only have three slices of pineapples just because I knew I needed something in my stomach before we hit the road. After breakfast, we were given a brief introduction and orientation of our trip before making our way to the bus.

We packed our bags, filled up our water bottles, double checked our rooms, and began to head out. It was going to take four-hours to reach the Maasai Mara region so I took out my phone and began listening to classical music in an attempt to fall asleep. To be completely honest, I was not in a very good mood, thus, I decided to keep to myself during the first hour of the bus ride. In truth, the bus ride was excruciating! At one point I felt so nauseous to the point where I needed to get off the bus. With the driver continuously braking and maneuvering the vehicle around the bend or going up and down hills, sleep was near impossible.

After an hour of listening to Dvorak and unsuccessfully falling asleep, I decided to join in the conversation with some of the girls. I got to learn more about the girls including their backgrounds and stories, which made the bus ride very inspirational. Each and every person that I have met on this trip are so unique in their own way that no two stories are similar, which added to the fabric of what is now known as my Kenya Family.

Our first rest stop was the Great Rift Valley viewpoint! Here, we spent fifteen minutes taking photos and using the washrooms before heading out for lunch. The moment I stepped off the bus, I was in love. Overlooking the Great Rift Valley is something I remember vividly. It felt like a dream being able to stand there and overlook the picturesque mountains that expanded through the vast distance. I will never forget how full my heart was at that moment and how the Circle of Life was playing in my head!

After countless of pictures and using the washrooms, we boarded the bus and headed off to our next destination. Upon arriving, it was lunch time! Here, we had a picnic lunch where we were served a bagel, cookies, fruits, and carrots. Truthfully, I was not a fan of the bagel as it was only cheese, lettuce, and hard boiled eggs, so I decided to eat only a quarter of it before eating the rest of my lunch. As such, we spent an hour eating lunch, stretching, and using the washrooms before making our way back onto the bus and heading off to the Mara.

Next stop, home away from home and the conclusion of the second day!




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