During our eight-hour layover in Amsterdam, some of the girls and I decided to walk around the airport to purchase food before boarding our flight. Walking around the airport made you feel like you were in a mall or a shopping centre. With the little cute shops and cafes, I did not feel like I was in an airport. Some of the girls decided to purchase food at McDonald’s, but instead of purchasing food there, I decided to purchase food at a little cute teacup cafe. After being served Chicken Rice, Potato Salad, and Chocolate Cake on the plane – in which I did not finish – I was starving.

For breakfast, I decided to order a croissant stuffed with organic cheese and farmer’sham, pairing it with a cup of Rose Blueberry tea. Even though did not beat the croissant I had in Paris, it was quite delicious. After having unappetizing airplane food, I was content with my breakfast.

As such, the girls and I decided to sit at the cafe for awhile before making our way back to the gate. After we were done our breakfast, we headed back to the gate with an hour left to spare. I decided to get some shut-eye before I boarded the plane, but mind you I was desperate, so yes, I slept on the airport floor. I normally would never do that, but desperate times calls for desperate measure.

Sleep was near impossible as I tried to position myself to be more comfortable. No matter how many times I tossed and turned, it was a disaster. I was miserable and felt disgusted with myself, thus, telling myself to try to sleep on the plane. However, knowing that I did not get any sleep during the first flight, there was no way I was going to get sleep on the second flight.

Once the gates were opened, we were ready to board the plane. I was already dreading another seven to eight-hour flight, so I was extremely miserable. However, I do not know what had happened but as soon as I sat in my seat, I fell fast asleep before take-off. Yes, you can laugh, but this girl knocked right out and did not feel the plane taking off.

For much of the plane ride, I slept, woke up for dinner, slept again and had front row seats to the most interesting event on the plane. After waking up from my nap and switching seats with one of my friends, a man drunkenly splashed his cup of whiskey everywhere! Being only a couple of rows in front of the man, it splashed everywhere on my friend’s seat and a little on mine. Mind you, I do not like the smell of whiskey so it gave me the worst headache. As the flight attendants tried to calm the man down, it had gotten worse but for privacy reasons, I will not go into further details about the incident. However, I will tell you, it was crazy!

After finally arriving in Nairobi at around 9:30 P.M, I was in Kenya! After long miserable flights, it was definitely worth the trip! As we waited in line for customs, it dawned on me that I was actually here! At that moment, I could not believe I was going to be staying here for the next three weeks, thus my excitement grew even bigger. Check-in went smoothly and once everyone was done, we proceeded to the baggage claim area. Not knowing that the airport workers were only helping for a tip, one of the airport workers helped me with my bag in which I had to tip. I had no problem with tipping, however, I did not realize that, that was the case.

Once everyone claimed their bags, we sat down for a while and waited for our in-country facilitators to pick us up. With that, some of the girls and I decided to exchange our currency into Kenyan Shillings. I had to get used to converting the currency as $1USD is 100 Kenyan Shillings, which was kind of confusing the first time.

When our facilitators arrived, we loaded our bags and boarded the bus; taking a forty-five-minute bus ride to our first accommodation. Driving through Nairobi reminded a little bit of home, but since it was dark I did not see as much. We arrived at the accommodations around 11:30 P.M, unloaded the bus and headed inside for dinner. We were served spaghetti with beef and vegetable sauce, broccolis and carrots, and fruits. I was not as hungry as I thought I would be but after dinner, the group headed to their designated rooms, unpacked, showered, and rested before heading out to the Massai Mara the following day.

Next stop, the Great Rift Valley and our home away from home!



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