Day three of our London adventure, we were given an option to visit different places the city had to offer. The options included going to Abbey Road and 221B Baker Street, boarding the Belfast warship, or visiting Westminster Abbey and the scale heights of the Tower Bridge. My friend and I jumped on board to visit Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge.

After breakfast, the group and I headed for the Underground to venture off into the city. After our departure from Hatton Cross, it took us a total of eighteen stops to get to ourfirst destination; Westminster Abbey. We boarded the Tube from Hatton Cross and made our way to Action Town. There, we transferred onto another Tube, finally making our way to the Abbey.

Once we arrived, we took a little stroll through the streets of London before officially arriving at the Abbey. Founded in 980, Westminster Abbey is enriched with more than a thousand years worth of history. Many of the Royal Coronation, as well as weddings and funerals took place in the gothic-inspired Abbey. Unfortunately though, we didn’t get the chance to go inside. There was a huge line up of people waiting to buy tickets, so instead, the group and I just admired the beauty of the Abbey from the outside.

After exploring and taking pictures, we walked around the city to find lunch. We came across a harbour where the group decided to try the famous fish and chips lunch, London is known for. As I am allergic to fish and my friend is a vegetarian, we decided to go to a cafe instead to grab something quick to eat. I cannot exactly recall what I ordered, but I do remember that it was something small. After lunch, we made our way back to the Underground and boarded the Tube for a trip to the Tower Bridge. It took us good twenty minutes to get there, but once we exited, I could not wait to walk the bridge!

The Tower Bridge is one London’s iconic symbol and is sometimes mistaken for London Bridge. To be completely honest, it sparked more beauty than the actual London Bridge, so I could see why there are misconceptions.

Once we arrived, we walked along another harbour that overlooked the bridge from afar. In the distance, the bridge looked absolutely enchanting!  Mesmerized by how it was constructed and its entire beauty, it almost made me feel like I was apart of a fairy tale story.

Once we got closer, we had to climb sets of stairs before we were on the actual bridge. Built to cross the River Thames, the purely Victorian Bridge is a combination of a bascule and suspension bridge, so large ships are able to passed through. Located at the top of the tower, there is a walk-way for people to cross to the other tower instead of walking along the bridge.

As we were walking on the bridge, everyone was mesmerized on how huge the towers were in person. Bright blue and grey colours accompanied the two neo-gothic towers, as detailed works were sculpted across the entire bridge. Overlooking the distance of the River Thames, it made me feel like an actual princess- okay, I know, but still there was this rush I felt as I was walking around.

After countless of pictures, the group got the chance to decide whether we wanted to tour the inside of the towers and walk the walk-way on top. My friends and I weren’t up for spending money, so we walked back down and explored the harbour a little more. From there, we mooched off Wi-Fi from a hotel, took more pictures, and was determined to find an Indian restaurant; as one of my friends had been dying to find one during the trip. As we were searching on Google, we decided that it was best to go inside this fancy hotel and ask the concierge to help us find the nearest Indian restaurant. Feeling misplaced, I wanted to get out of the hotel as soon as we received directions from the lady.

We began our little journey finding the Indian restaurant and once we stumbled upon it, we made our way inside. The restaurant itself was very fancy and majestic looking. Due to limited time, we were not able to sit and dine there, so we decided to order two samosas to try. After receiving them, I wasn’t too pleased with the way it tasted. The filling of the samosa kept falling apart with an unpleasant taste accompanying it. Even the samosas at my school were way better than the ones I had from this restaurant.

Furthermore, we met back with the group and proceeded towards the Tower of London. As we were in line, we waited a good fifteen minutes to go inside. Once we arrived inside, we did a security check before proceeding to explore the Tower. We were given close to two hours to explore, so we were off on our own to tour the entire Tower. Beginning our adventure at the Tower of London, my friends and I made our way to see the Crown Jewels. Part of the tour was riding on the walking escalator and seeing as I got too excited riding one in the Detroit Metro Airport, I got pretty excited riding one while viewing the Crown Jewels. During the tour, we learned about Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and a timeline of all of the work she has done in her life. Learning about the life of the Queen was captivating and inspiring. I was drawn to the endless amount of humanitarian work she has done and how inspiring she is.

Once we completed our tour, we decided to explore the Tower a little more before heading out to dinner. I will be completely honest here, some parts of the Tower gave me goosebumps, specifically the Bloody Tower. After our two hour tour, we heading off to dinner at Medieval Banquet.

Upon arrival, there was a ten minute wait before we were guided down to the basement of the banquet. The atmosphere, as you can imagine, was Medieval-styled, so we were greeted by actors dressed in period clothing. The dinner itself, especially the vegetables and potatoes were quite delicious, so dinner was pretty good.

We ended off the night with a walk down by the bridge towards the London Eye.There we boarded the Eye and did one last round of London and soaked in final last hours of our European tour.



*Disclaimer: Featured photo retrieved from Google Images.



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