wp-1476238968185.jpgwp-1476238964982.jpgwp-1476238799570.jpgwp-1476238732554.jpgThere’s nothing quite like a crisp Autumn day accompanied with burnt orange and golden leaves that make my heart warm and cozy. As I have mentioned in my previous post, Autumn is finally in the air and it’s time to pull those sweaters, scarves, ponchos, and booties out of the closet. With a touch of romance and a cup of Caramel Macchiato (or Pumpkin Spice Lattes for you PSL lovers out there), nothing can beat this beautiful season.

As some of you may already know, I am in fact, Canadian and this past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. The entire weekend was filled with running errands and working, so you could already guess, I had no time to relax. As my mom planned to host dinner this year, she wanted everything to be perfect. Thus, we woke up pretty early to get things done around the house. Cleaning up the house from top to bottom was extremely exhausting, however, once we finished, dinner was ready to be served. With turkey, ham, creamy mash potatoes, roasted vegetables, and a glass of wine, everything was well worth it! The dinner took place on the Sunday while an afternoon at the Pumpkin patch took place on the Monday. All in all, the weekend was well spent with close friends and family.

For my Thanksgiving dinner outfit, I decided to dress it up a little by pairing a white H&M blouse with some black pants. With the weather being oh-so perfect for wearing a sweater or scarf, I pulled out my light brown poncho from Sirens and completed the outfit with my plaid scarf and black pointed flats.



Outfit Details
Top: H&M
Bottom: H&M
Poncho: Sirens
Scarf: Globo Shoes
Flats: H&M


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