Sleep during the night was quite impossible. Being in such a beautiful town, I could not wait to explore Tobermory even more. The intense feeling of wanting to be out there exploring, made me feel restless during the night. I was craving for more adventures thus could not wait to begin the next day.

We woke up around four-in-the-morning, as per usual, got ready, and began our drive into Wiarton, once again. As the closest Tim Horton’s was located in the small town, we decided to grab our breakfast on-the-go before making our way up to Cyprus Lake. (Yes, us Canadians need our Timmie’s in the morning!) Since we were not able to enter thepark the previous day, we decided to leave earlier to get a parking spot before it filled up.

From Wiarton, Ontario to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, it took us approximately an hour-and-a-half, so for most of the drive, I decided to catch up on some sleep. Since we had a full day ahead of us, I knew I was going to be extremely tired by mid-day, so sleep was quite necessary during the ride.

Once we arrived at Cyprus Lake, we were finally able to enter through the gates; driving five kilometres deep and making our way to purchase our parking permit. As soon as we parked, my brother and I decided to hike the Gregorian Trail up to the Indian Cove and the Grotto to catch the sunrise. Walking along the path of the Gregorian Trail was incredibly calming and relaxing. Surrounded by skyscraper trees and patches of light filtering through the ever-so-green leaves, I was in a daze. The trail was a mix of hills and flat grounds, so walking with sandals and a maxi dress on was quite a struggle but well worth it at the end. If you ever have a chance to visit the Bruce Peninsula National Park, hiking the Gregorian Trail to Indian Cove and the Grotto is one of the first things you must do!

After twenty-four minutes of hiking the trail, we finally made it to Indian Cove. Since the sun came out a little later than expected, the sky was quite gloomy. We decided to spend thirty minutes admiring the scenery, before heading back to the car where my mom was barbecuing and preparing lunch.


Once the sun finally came out, we decided to hike back to the Cove to go for a swim. Swimming amongst the statuesque escarpments, surrounded by clear aqua-coloured water, was absolutely breathtaking. Indian Cove was a fortress of nature; accompanied with towering greenery and aesthetic beauty. While swimming at the centre of the Cove, my heart could not stop pitter-patting. Mother nature was at her finest and to see something so beautiful in person just made me fall in love with our world even more.


We decided to spend half of the day swimming, hiking, and barbecuing before heading out to The Little Tub and our cruise. While hiking the trail for the last time, we decided to stop by Cyprus Lake. Overlooking people canoeing, swimming, and more greenery, I did not want to leave. This was exactly what I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle back at home. This is my escape from the real world. This was my heaven on earth.


Next stop, The Little Tub and our adventure on the Flowerpot Glass-bottom cruise!





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