Before I begin my recap, I want to apologize for the absence on my blog. I try my best to update as much as I can but with work and school coming up, I feel like my days are getting shorter and school is approaching faster than I expected. With that, I have a little exciting news to share with all of you darling readers! First, I surpassed my 50 followers milestone on WordPress which does not seem like a big deal, I know, but having started this blog last year with the mindset that I was going to fail as a blogger, this is a tiny celebratory moment for me! Second, I was offered a Contributing Position which I’m a little nervous and excited about, but I will go into more details in a separate post. Anyhow, since my work schedule is a little more flexible now, I finally have time to update my blog! Yay! So without further ado, here is my recap on Tobermory, Ontario.

Last weekend, my family and I decided to take a small trip up to Tobermory, Ontario; a small community located at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. As I am, indeed, from Southwestern Ontario, it took us approximately five hours to get there since Tobermory is located in Northern Ontario.

To begin our adventure, we woke up from our slumber around four-in-the-morning, got ready, and loaded up the car. To my surprise, having only three hours of sleep, I was full of energy. I was excited and anxious and having seen countless of photos and videos across FaceBook and other social media platforms, I wanted to be there myself. I was drawn to the clear blue water of the Bruce Peninsula, the shipwreck, and Flowerpot Island, so sleep during the night was near impossible. I wanted to be there already; swimming, snorkelling, cruising, and just relaxing by the Bruce Peninsula. Once we were done, we headed towards the highway and made our way to the beautiful town of Tobermory.

The drive up to Tobermory was pleasant but excruciating at the same time. Since we were on the fastest route, according to the GPS dubbed Jingli, we had to drive on small and deserted roads before driving on the bigger roads. Sitting in a car for more than four hours and driving on small roads, I must admit, I grew impatient. During some parts of the drive, however, we came across beautiful towns I never knew existed in my province. The Port of Goderich, dubbed Canada’s Prettiest Town, was my absolute favourite town to drive by. Located on the shore of Lake Huron, Goderich is filled with heritage homes surrounded by beautiful flowers, marinas, and beaches. It definitely takes the title of Canada’s prettiest town because it was absolutely beautiful and pleasant to drive by! I promise you, if you ever find yourself driving pass Goderich, you will be mesmerized!

Around ten o’clock, we arrived at our first stop, Cyprus Lake; located in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Upon arriving, we were asked to turn around as parking was completely full. I was a little disappointed, especially having three hours of sleep and nothing to eat, so we decided to visit the Visitor’s Centre to munch on small snacks and hike the Bruce Trail.

Once we arrived, we entered the Visitor’s Centre to purchase our park permit and explored a little bit of the exhibit that followed upon entry. Filled with other tiresome tourists, we all knew that we were only here because of limited parking at Cyprus Lake. Anyhow, after purchasing our permit, we commenced our journey on foot and came across the Lookout Tower of the National Park. It felt like forever climbing the lookout tower, but once we got to the top, my eyes were wide open and filled with mesmerization. Overlooking the Fathom Five National Marine Park, I couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful picturesque islands that sat still on the lake.


After pictures, of course, we headed back down and walked along the Bruce Trail to Little Dunks Bay. It took us approximately fifteen minutes to hike the trail, but I did not quite mind since it was good exercise. Once we reached Little Dunks Bay, the scenery looked as if it came straight out of a painting. The entire bay was serene and the water was clear and still- just how I imagined it to be.


My brother, being the adventurous boy he is, decided to take a swim in the lake. I, myself, decided to go for a relaxing swim, so we spent a good hour swimming in the bay. Surrounded by escarpments, this was probably the best swim I’ve ever had.


After the swim, we hiked back to the car and made our way to find dinner. Since there was limited parking in the actual town of Tobermory, we decided to travel to Wiarton, Ontario for dinner. We came across a Chinese restaurant but did not have a pleasant time dining there since we waited more than an hour for our food. Nonetheless, after dinner, we explored the harbour of Wiarton before heading to our Inn to rest for the night and begin our journey again the next day.


The second part of my trip will posted soon, as well as my time on the Glass-Bottom Cruise!



Disclaimer: All photos were taken by me.



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