Travelling is what I like to call taking the scenic route through life. Filled with pleasant views, nice sceneries, and new experiences, it’s the path many of us should always take. I believe the purpose of life is more than just sitting at our nine to five job. From the rut of our profoundly busy life, travelling fills that empty void. A void that needs a little more than what we do on a daily basis.

Exploring new places, meeting new people, and trying new food is the scenic route through life. If you have ever driven through a scenic highway, you become so drawn to the beautiful scenery that you begin to reflect on how beautiful the world is. Parallel to that is travelling. As you travel and experience beautiful parts of our world, you begin to reflect on how wonderful life really is. You are experiencing things outside of your comfort zone, seeing beautiful places with your own eyes, and discovering yourself. You become infatuated with our world and fall deeply in love with your life. That right there, is the beauty of travelling and for that reason, I like to refer travelling the scenic route through life.

It’s the city, the people, the language, the food, and the culture that makes life more intricate and exhilarating- scenic, in this case. I travel for the beauty and experience; not as a tourist, but an adventurer. An adventurer that thrives on finding more meaning to her life while learning, admiring, and experiencing new things. No matter where I go, no matter where I may be, it’s that new experience that I crave for. These experiences have helped shape me; molding me into the person I am today.

Travelling became my drug- by choice of course. It became an addiction; an addiction that is difficult to stop. It’s a hunger for something more- perhaps a curiosity. No matter how many times I travel or venture out in a new city, my soul can never be satisfied. I yearn for more. I crave for more. I desire for more- basically all the synonyms you could think of. It’s that air you first inhale when you set foot in a new city. Yes, that breath of fresh air that is different, however, familiar when you travel. That’s when you know you are ready for a new adventure. An adventure that will not only be integral but change the way you live your life and view this world.

Without insinuating an underlying purpose, travelling without a plan gives you that rush of excitement and adds more beauty to the scenic route. I find that travelling spontaneously allows you to come across new things you would have never discovered if you followed a plan. You will discover and learn more about life which will ultimately lead you to a path of finding yourself without an itinerary.

To put it this way, imagine your life like a book, where you are the author and the illustrator. Strive to make your book a #1 New York Bestseller and a story people want to read. You are only limiting yourself to one page if you are implementing that nine to five work schedule. Take the scenic route and enable yourself to add an endless amount of pages, document your experiences and adventures, and make people want to buy your book. Travelling insinuates this deeper meaning in your life- in this case, your book- giving you these indescribable experiences that will trigger people to say those “oohs” and “aahs.”

Whether it’s a strong case of wanderlust or a love for travelling, my life is too short to be taking a shortcut through life. Thus, for the rest of my life, I will always take the scenic route.



Disclaimer: The featured image is not mine.


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