It took us about an hour to an hour and a half to get to East London. Before heading to our hotel in Heathrow, we made our way to Central London for dinner. Mesmerized by the buildings and lights, I was anxiously waiting to get off the bus and explore. London was definitely the most fanciest and cleanest city I’ve ever been too. Aside from my horrendous outfit choices in Grade 12, the luxury of the city made me feel like I wasn’t in place, let alone, afford to be in the city!

On our way to dinner, we came across some very unique and interesting restaurant and store names. My personal favourite was “Good Man Chinese Food to Take Away,” justbecause it was funny to say out loud. After arriving in the Metropolitan area of London, we were able to have time to ourselves and explore the city. My friend and I decided to take pictures (of course) and shop around for a bit. We ended up in this souvenir shop where things got very creepy and after countless of no’s, we decided to leave the shop and head back to the group for dinner.

Our first dinner reservation was in a little pub where we were served chicken pot pie. I was actually pretty excited to eat the pie just because I literally ate fries and fried chicken every day and this was something different. I was even served vegetables on the side, which I’ve been dying to eat, so I ate to my heart’s content. The pub was cute, however, I wasn’t too pleased with the waiter. We had to wait more than half an hour for a refill so of course I wasn’t in the best mood. Things, however, did lighten up a little as we rounded off with vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate shavings!

Once dinner was done, we boarded the bus once again and headed to our hotel in Heathrow. The night ended off with purchasing Wi-Fi, unpacking, and catching up on social media. Of course, I was the first to pass out, but after a long and tiring day, I needed my “beauty rest” for the next day.


We woke up around a decent time and got ready before heading downstairs for breakfast. The hotel didn’t include hot complimentary breakfast so we had to pay three pounds if we wanted hot breakfast. I was a bit disappointed about the whole situation but I decided to pay the three pounds for a much hearty breakfast than a cold one. As soon as the group finished, we boarded the bus for an exciting day in London!

The picturesque sky and the weather made London strikingly beautiful! Driving through the busy streets of Metropolitan London while observing people moving in different directions made me fall in love. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in London, especially in a city with such a rich history. The vibe, the colours, the people; everything about the London was magical!

After driving around for a bit, we met with our tour guide Richard, who I must say, has the most unique eyebrows I’ve ever seen! There, he gave us inside stories of the Royals as well as the regular people of the city. We started off with a bus tour before commencing our tour on foot. I wasn’t too fond of the bus tour just because I couldn’t process a thing being said. There were too many buildings to look at in a span of literally one second, so I decided to focus on one side of the bus. Later on, we took a 15-minute break to grab coffee and stretch, and from there we headed back on the bus and drove to Buckingham Palace.

As we started our tour on foot, we were filled with many enticing stories that surrounded the city. On our way to Buckingham, we were able to walk to the official residence of Prince Charles; known as the Clarence House. The group and I were actually amused by the guards so we took five to ten minutes watching the guards do their march. We proceeded along and made it to Buckingham!

As a little girl, it has been a dream of seeing the Queen’s palace in person.  The moment I saw it, I was in AWE! Like seriously in awe! A lot of tourists were surrounding the palace so the group decided to stay back and take pictures from afar. The crisp blue sky made Buckingham Palace amazingly beautiful. Also interestingly enough, the Royals were in London during the time we visited, as the flags of both the Clarence House and Palace were up.

After pictures, we strolled along Hyde Park making our way to the Churchill Cabinet Room located under the political heart of the city. We were able to tour the cabinet rooms at our own pace, so at one point I ended up being alone. Some parts of the cabinet rooms were dark and scary and to be quite honest, I was actually terrified being alone. Aside from it being scary, it was a step back into history and that’s what made it interesting. Touring the Churchill Cabinet Room was definitely an eye-opening experience and it helped put me into a perspective of what went on during World War 2.

Once the group finished touring, we headed to the National Gallery located in Trafalgar Square. Again, as an Art Junkie, I was very excited to visit the gallery. Just like the cabinet room, we were able to explore the gallery at our own desired pace, so my group and I took around 45-minutes to explore. We visited the gift shop, then headed outside to find art become alive. There were break dancers dancing in front of the gallery accompanied by upbeat music. It was literally a time to be alive as many were drawn in, surrounding the square.

We met back with the entire group and began walking to our second dinner reservation; The Hard Rock Cafe. This would be the fourth Hard Rock as I previously have gone to one in Niagara Falls, Boston, and New York. We had an option of choosing between a chicken, veggie, or classic burger so I decided to go with the classic burger and refrain from chicken.

The night began with classic music that everyone could sing along too and in a blink of an eye, the restaurant was filled with everyone singing until their lungs gave out! It was definitely the highlight of the night, as waiters and other people joined in and shared the moment.  I must say it was undeniably the best dinners I’ve ever had and hopefully one day I get to experience this again.

After dinner, we walked through the city enjoying the nightlife before catching the Underground back to Heathrow. Once we arrived back at our hotel, we ended the night relaxing and resting for the following day.

London Recap Part 2 will be coming soon!



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