Come May 2017, I will be embarking on a mission. A mission I’ve been longing to complete since ninth grade. A mission to volunteer my time and help those who need it the most. A mission to empower myself and youth across the globe. A mission to give back to my world and create sustainable change.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to travel to developing countries and volunteer my time to help those who need it most. It all began when my grandmother showed me something on television around six-years old. On a small television that sat in my living room, I watched as my eyes began to quickly see the truth about the world.

As I can recall, it was a documentary about rural impoverished areas in different corners of the world. As my grandmother sat and explained to me, I watched as my eyes began to tear, losing my vision of a perfect world where I believed every one had the same privileges as me. From that moment on, I lost my perception of the world being a perfect place. That is when I knew that there are millions of people struggling. Struggling for life’s basic fundamentals that every human being in this world should have access to. I couldn’t just bare to sit there and do nothing. Even as a six-year old, I wanted to do something. I wanted to sell lemonade, my dolls, anything I could get my hands on, even my sentimental values. Ever since then, I told my mom that when I grew older, I would help out as much as I could. Giving people the same privileges as me and providing the basic necessities of life.

Growing up in Canada, I have been very privileged from the minute I was born. I have been blessed with the accessibility to education, healthcare, clean water, food, and shelter; receiving all of life’s basic fundamentals that will help me strive for my future. Unfortunately, millions out there today do not have the access to these core fundamentals, thus it is about time to change that. Back in grade nine, I remember I was shown a documentary on poverty across the globe. Heavily emphasizing on poverty in Africa, that is when I knew I wanted to embark on a volunteer trip. I specifically had my mind set on Kenya because for as long as I can remember, there was something about Kenya that drew my attention. With my heart and soul, I need to be there.

As soon as I entered University, I decided to join Free the Children, now known as WE Charity at my University. From being the Advertising Executive to the Vice President, I love everything about this non-profit organization. I knew this was my chance; beginning with a platform that not only diversifies, recognizes, and empowers youth leadership, but creates an endless amount of sustainable and positive change across the globe. After attending my first We Day back in October 2015, I was captivated, inspired, and encouraged myself to book a spot on the next ME to WE Kenya University trip; a social enterprise of WE Charity.

ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that provides products that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices. ME to WE measures the bottom line by the people empowered and the lives transformed.

Living ME to WE means working together to create sustainable change, and making a difference with everything you do—from choosing travel that leaves a positive footprint on the planet, to making purchases that give back

ME to WE is part of a family of organizations—along with WE Charity—that empower each of us to make the world a better place.

We are all connected. Together WE change the world. – http://www.metowe.com/about-us/

After receiving my mother’s blessings, on June 9th, 2016, I am glad to say I have officially booked a spot on the next ME to WE Kenya University trip for May of 2017. I am so ecstatic and extremely blessed to be given this opportunity that just thinking about it gives me butterflies!

To conclude, I hope WE, as a whole, begin to empower one another, give to those who need it most, and change the world to make it a better place.

Together WE change the world.

To learn more about ME to WE and WE Charity, click here.



Disclaimer: The featured image is not mine. Retrieved from MetoWe.com


  1. That’s so awesome! I wish I had done this when I was young! I grew up kind of impoverished myself but I was too young to realize it. We always had a home and food, but we basically lived in army shared housing w/ shared outdoor kitchen and an outhouse! Kudos to you for doing something to make this world a better place! –Diana


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