The following morning after our adventure at Vimy, Yprés, and Lille, we drove to Calais to board the ferry to Dover. It was a very exciting but busy morning, as we had to pass through customs and unload the bus with all of our luggages. Aside from the excitement of going to England, it was also a sad morning as we had to say goodbye to one of the most talented bus drivers we’ve ever had on the trip.

Customs ran smoothly and every one was ready to board the ferry to Dover. There was a wait but when the time came, the excitement grew. This was my first time on an actualferry so mind you I was in awe with everything. The ferry itself reminded me so much of an airport. The gift shop, cafe, seating area and even the washrooms had features of an airport, so it made you feel like you were actually in one. To kill time, my group and I decided to play a little game of President-a card game-and ended the ferry trip with pictures outside.

From Calais to Dover, we finally arrived in England! As we exited the ferry, we had to wait a good thirty minutes for our bus driver to arrive. I didn’t have lunch so I was feeling a little bit irritated, plus we woke up pretty early to drive to Calais.

As soon as our bus arrived, we loaded and boarded right away. It felt extremely weird driving on the other side of the road but obviously I wasn’t use to it. I can never imagine myself driving on the right side of my vehicle and if I wanted to, I would seriously have to take drivers ed again.

Before we headed to London, we travelled to the beautiful town of Canterbury, England. We got the chance to tour around the cute little town and enjoy lunch and shopping. My friend and I wanted to grab something quick, so we decided to try the Burger King there. Upon ordering, the food on the menu was completely different than what you would find in Canada. I decided to order a Tex-Mex Chicken burger which is obviously something I wouldn’t be able to find at the Burger Kings back home. Let me just say, it was pretty darn delicious!

After lunch, we did a little souvenir shopping before we met back with the group. While shopping, there was some sort of street festival going on so there were lots of vendors selling souvenirs. I decided to shop directly in the stores just because I found more things at a more convenient price. Shopping in England is really expensive and sometimes when my friend and I would find something, we would compare the prices to what it would be in CAD.

Nevertheless, we reunited with the group and made our way to the Canterbury Cathedral. The Cathedral was a beautiful masterpiece of its own; almost as if it came directly out of a painting. Everything about the Cathedral was so majestic and listening to the history embedded within the walls was really eye-opening.

The Cathedral itself is a well known World Heritage Site, as well as a holy place. While touring, we learned that the Cathedral suffered damages done by the Puritans in the mid 1600s. This was really interesting to me because if you’ve ever seen the Canterbury Cathedral, you would never expect any damages at all. I must say the preservation was very well kept in tact.

Concluding the tour inside, we headed outside to look around and freshen up. There was construction happening on one area surrounding the Cathedral, however, I was able to capture a picture of the Oriental Plane Tree reputed to be around 200 years old! After countless of pictures and exploring, we headed back to the bus and made our way to London!

On my next post, I will be recapping my experiences in London, England.



*Disclaimer: The featured image is not mine.


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