Yesterday after work, my friend and I decided to go out and explore Walkerville before making a stop at one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Firstly, we decided to grab lunch in Downtown since I just got off work and was ravenously hungry. Since the restaurant we wanted to try opened at six, and most of the restaurants opened later than five, we decided to roam Downtown for places that were opened. At that point, I literally wanted to feast on anything so we came across Toasty’s Grilled Cheese and Salad Bar and ordered ourselves grilled cheese. Even after eating our sandwiches, we were still hungry so we walked to the neighbouring Frenchy’s Poutinery and decided to split a poutine. As you could tell, we were extremely hungry, so restaurant hopping was unquestionable.

After lunch, we made our way to the Willistead Manor- a historical house located on the East end of Windsor (formerly known as Walkerville, Ontario). I have always been drawn to old historical buildings- hence why I want to get marry at Casa Loma- however, something about them seems enchanting, mysterious, and haunting.

Disclaimer: I will be explaining a little paranormal experience we encountered during our adventure at the Willistead Manor. To begin, I’ve mentioned in my Boston post that I am a little bit of a believer and a little bit of a skeptic. I normally don’t conclude strange happenings to be paranormal and try to logically reason out why things happen out of the norm. Anyway, when we first arrived at the Willistead, we noticed that the gates to the courtyard were opened so we decided to take photos. Endless amounts of photos. In the courtyard, there were two doors that lead to the inside of the Manor. One door was the main entrance, while the other door was a small door that was partially covered with greenery. Since it was just us, we wanted to take as many pictures as we could, so with the partially covered door, I thought the pictures would have turned out cute- especially with the greenery and rustic old door. I wanted to take photos in front of it but as I got closer, I got this feeling of eeriness that spiked alarms, so we both decided it was best to stay away from it. As we were taking photos in front of the main entrance, my friend screamed as we both heard something coming from the inside- specifically from the small door. Mind you, there was no one inside at the time, so having to hear a thud coming from the inside left us unquestionably frighten. As you can guess, we grabbed our bags and booked it out of the courtyard.

To debunk what had happened, we concluded that it must have been the furnace running or one of the men throwing trash out in the bin. Hence, we decided to go back inside the courtyard only to find that the gates to the trash were locked. However, we continued on as we concluded that it must have been the furnace then if it wasn’t the trash- we sucked. Anyway, I am not claiming that the Willistead Manor is haunted but as soon as I got home, I did do a little research on the house itself and came across stories that made my hairs stand up on end. I will not go into further detail as this is one of the most beautiful landmarks in my city, so by all means, search it up at your own preference.

After visiting the Willistead Manor, we decided to drive towards the Coventry Gardens; one of Windsor’s most beautiful parks along the Detroit River. I had major nostalgia since this was one of the locations for my prom pictures, so yes I was reminiscing my prom experience. Anyway, if you ever have the chance to visit Windsor, I highly suggest taking a stroll in the Coventry Gardens as this park is remarkably beautiful. With a mixture of flowers and greeneries along the waterfront, this park is perfect for picnics, ice-cream, and simply walking around.

We ended the day visiting my workplace and grabbing a bite at Quesada before heading home!

For the outfit, I was inspired by the new movie Through the Looking Glass, so I decided to go for a look that incorporated both Alice and the Red Queen. Since we were going to a beautiful area, I wanted to feel a little like Alice- going on an adventure- so I went with a skirt outfit. With a touch of sweet and badass, I paired a black sheer high-neck lace top from H&M with a white midi skirt. I decided to tuck in the top as I wanted to accentuate the skirt, more so than the top. For the shoes, I went for the blush pink TROADDA sandals from the Call it Spring: Through the Looking Glass collection! Do not be fooled, I had literally had to stop so many times to retie the straps since it kept falling on me! To top off the outfit, I wore dainty rings from Forever 21, my natural hair, and of course my Ozzy Osbourne inspired sunglasses.



Outfit Details
Top: H&M
Bottom: Cyrus
Shoes: Call it Spring
Rings: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Forever 21

P.S The exact TROADDA sandals are on sale for $17.99 at CALL IT SPRING! 🙂


  1. I have the same shoes yay! Love the outfit ❤ I was trying to search some Willistead Manor stories but I can’t seam to find them 😦 Do you have any links to the stories? Thanks!


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