Today, I woke up from my deep slumber and was hit with a huge headache accompanied with a sore throat, so I thought I was going to be bedridden the entire day. Having planned chores to complete for my mom, I chose not to stay in bed, thus I got up and helplessly cleaned until I was finished.

With all the forced energy that came upon me while cleaning, I wanted to go out and do something instead becoming even sicker and laying in bed. My brother and I decided to do our monthly outing together today, so I was the one to pick a place this time as he chose sushi last month. Before I continue further on, I just want to momentarily explain to you that my brother and I do monthly outings together once or twice a month. In the age of technology, we are so consumed with our smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and laptops, that we turn our face to face conversations into text messages or via social media platforms. As there is a seven-year gap between my brother and me, he mostly grew up with technology surrounding him. Hence, I wanted to make sure that he realizes that there is more to life outside of the digital world, so with our monthly outings, we normally find a new and hip place to eat and drive around the city until we find a new hangout spot to sit and talk. This is the time where my brother and I are really able to connect and I do learn a lot more about him when I sit face to face and have meaningful conversations, away from technology. The reason why we do not go to the same place every time is because we want a new and fresh scenery, as well as attempting to mark every corner of our city.

Today, I chose to go to a sandwich shop called The Carvery, I’ve been longing to try ever since it was recommended to me. We went during the slow hours, so it was only us and a couple of two. Having read the menu online before we left home, I already knew what I wanted to order. My brother went for the famousย French four-cheese grilled cheese while I decided to try the Herb Chicken many raved about.

Upon entry, the atmosphere was very casual, as we had to order first and sit down at our desired seat while waiting for our sandwiches. It was cute and cozy giving a London, England vibe as the United Kingdom flag was displayed around the shop. I was very pleased with the prices, as it was reasonable and less expensive than I thought it would be. The portions go from half a sandwich to a full, so you really get what you paid for. With a side of fries and ice cold lemonade, late lunch and early dinner was ready to be served!

When we got our food, I was a little too happy inside to even try it at first. The aroma from the lemon basil aioli really took over my senses, so I had to wait a few minutes before digging in. On my first bite, however, I instantly fell in love. The way the flavours of the roasted vegetables, greens, feta cheese, chicken, and aioli melded together, created a perfect union for the ultimate sandwich of time. Nothing beats a good sandwich, especially one freshly made right in front of you with the right amount of local ingredients.ย The fries itself were so good, that it literally beats all fast-food chain fries and the lemonade was the best drink to have with the sandwich.

All in all, my brother and I were content with our meal as well as catching up with our lives. Twas it was a good but tiring day.



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