I began my love affair with Indian cuisine last summer when I had the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding and was introduced to the world of soul-satisfying dishes. All thanks to my best friend, my love for Indian food is on a whole other level. The comforting richness and the flavourful spices of cumin, lemony coriander, mustard seeds, earthy turmeric, cardamom and spicy red chilli pepperdo it for me every single time I am introduced to a new dish.

From flavourful and spicy to rich and diverse, everything about Indian food just satisfies all aspects of my taste buds. The different spices incorporated in each dish were so unique, that it literally became my paradise for food. Branching from the basic samosa snack, my Indian culinary adventure really began last summer, as I embarked on a journey trying a variety of different dishes.

Besides samosas, the very first dish that turned me on to Indian food was Saag Paneer. Literally, the first time I ever tried paneer- Indian cottage cheese- I fell instantly in love. I plainly say this because everything about it, from the chewy texture to the mild flavour, was exquisite. As for this famous dish, Saag paneer is a creamy blend of all kinds of green vegetables, although it may look like it’s just spinach and paneer. Served with basmati rice, naan, or roti,  I could never pass up going for seconds because it was just that delicious. When I was attending the wedding during the summer, I was also served various of paneer dishes along with a variety of different chutneys. Chutney is basically a word describing any sauce that features spices, fruits, and or vegetables. I normally do not eat any sauce, such as salsa or marinara, but something about the chutneys I’ve tried was satisfying.

Another Indian dish I could not pass up is Aloo-Gobi; a dish made with cauliflower, potatoes, and a variety of spices (of course). I will admit I am a huge lover of potatoes, so the very first time I tried Aloo-Gobi, I did not think twice to say if I loved it or not! Besides Saag Paneer, this dish is by far one of my favourite Indian dishes. Just thinking about it right now makes my stomach growl because everything about it was mouth-watering.

While attending the wedding and being accustomed to Indian culture, my friend and her family introduced me to a variation of Indian culinary. From banquet hall food to higher-end dining, there were distinct differences when it came to the types of curries and paneer dishes served. The banquet hall food was very delicious at most, especially the Butter Chicken and Paneer Tikka Masala. There was something that made all the dishes so flavourful and unique, that couldn’t compare to the food I had at the Gurdwara or the restaurant. In terms of high-end dining, we went to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khazana– a fancy Indian restaurant. There, we were served a variety of different paneer dishes, this really delicious potato dish pictured in the featured image, and really really scrumptious naan. The thing I really enjoyed about the food was how hearty and light the meals were, which made dining very pleasant.

Nonetheless, I have never been disappointed on all the different dishes I have tried thus far. From snacks to main courses all the way to dessert, it is like having a passport for Indian food.

My Indian culinary adventure is still continuing as I am being introduced to more new dishes, but I wanted to share my experiences, hopefully inspiring those out there who are afraid to try something out of their comfort zone.





  1. There are so many different types of Indian food and even then, different versions of each recipe. I’ve heard that the Indian food in my country is quite different to what can be found in India so I think it’s worth seeking out the more obscure dishes and you’re lucky to have a friend to guide you.

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