Toronto. 416. The 6. The city that never sleeps and home of the 6 God, Drake. Although I only live four hours away – three and a half if you go a buck nineteen – Toronto still puts me in awe every time I visit. Sometimes I wish my mom agreed to move back to Toronto with my dad, but four hours away doesn’t hurt. Through the hustle and bustle of the busy city, there are countless of things to do. In this post, I will be sharing my Insider’s Guide to Toronto. 

1. CN TOWER. For those who have not gone to Toronto, the CN Tower should most certainly be your first stop! #VIEWS from the CN Tower is to die for, so definitely make a stop to go on top and enjoy the #VIEW of the entire city – Okay, I should seriously stop with the Drake reference.

2. DISTILLERY DISTRICT. Accompanied with Victorian-era buildings, the Distillery makes you feel like as if you have travelled back in time when you first enter through the gates. Filled with unique cafes, galleries, artisan shops, boutiques, and amazing restaurants, there is a place for everyone to enjoy the Distillery District. Make sure you stop by and take pictures at night.

3. CASA LOMA. Everything about it was enchantingly beautiful and looked as if it came straight out of a painting. From the history to the view from the outside, you will not be disappointed during your visit. The self-guided tour really sets you back into history as you learn about the luxuries estate and Sir Henry Pellatt and Lady Mary Pellatt. Also, if you travel through the underground tunnel, you will end up in a completely different castle – The Stables.

4. TORONTO ISLANDS. Want to get away from the busy city? Take a ten dollar boat ride and make your way to one of the Toronto Islands. I highly recommend renting a bicycle or quadricycle – depending on how many people are with you – to explore the entire island. From outdoor picnics to walks on the beaches, the island is family-friendly and include activities for everyone.

5. CHINATOWN. Whenever my family and I travel to Toronto, Chinatown is a definite stop for us. If you are a lover of Chinese food, you will find a row of restaurants situated along the streets of Spadina Ave.

6. CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION. If you go during the summer, specifically in August or September, you will come across the biggest carnival held annually at the Exhibition Centre. I’ve gone three times in my life, but let me just say it is one of the places you need to go when you are in Toronto. Besides the rides and the delicious funnel cake, they also give away freebies including gift cards and products so purchasing a ticket is worth it.

7. TORONTO EATON CENTRE. For all you shopaholics, the Eaton Centre is the place for you. With over 230 stores and services, shopping can literally be done in one place.

8. YONGE-DUNDAS SQUARE. Yonge. Dundas. The two street names that will forever be ingrained in your brain once you leave Toronto. Known as the Time Square of Toronto, surround yourself with LED billboard screens and vibrant brand-name logos. If you travel during the summer, stop by the big lemonade stand and order a refreshing blueberry lemonade as you walk down the street of Yonge and Dundas – or you could enjoy listening to Beyonce’s Lemonade album, whichever works for you.

9. OLD CITY HALL AND NATHAN PHILIP SQUARE. Home to the Pan Am and the Parapan Am Games last year, I made sure that a picture with the famous ‘Toronto’ sign was a must. Old City Hall itself was already captivating, so when you overlook the building from the park, it was ten times more beautiful.

10. THE HARBOURFRONT. Enriched with art and culture, walking along the HarbourFront offers you various of live entertainment, cultural arts, and activities.

This concludes the end of the list, however, I am most likely going back to find more things to do in Toronto.



*Disclaimer: Photo by JD Gipson on Unsplash


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