And then I realized, travelling is the best way to learn – Anonymous 

During high school, I had an opportunity to go on amazing trips that have a lasting impact on my life. Nothing can replace those unique experiences, especially those that left an imprint in my heart. My high school travels have really helped me decide what I wanted in life. Travelling independently, starting in grade nine, gave me a platform to diversify my experiences. Every city, country, and restaurant that I’ve visited gave me that opportunity to experience something different. With that being said, I was able to discover myself, my purpose, my true desires, and potentials earlier on.

Here, I decided to write an insider’s guide on my experiences with high school travels.

To begin, I definitely grew culturally when I travelled on my band trips and the Europe trip. Personally, when I visited the different countries and cities, I was able to widen my perspective and see how the rest of the world lived. Every place tells a story and with that being said, I have embraced new cultures and customs, and have opened my doors to experience news things. As I was exposed to a lot of different things, it made me become more accepting and appreciative of the world.

When I went to Boston, New York, Chicago and Europe, I was really able to expand my knowledge. For me personally, I learned more on my trips than I did in school, alone. Particularly, on the Europe trip, I was able to set my foot into history and walk the footsteps of many inspiring people who were once there. As mentioned in my Versailles post, I was in the middle of learning about the three Louis’ in history class, but when I was actually able to visit Versailles, it made learning about them much more interesting and exciting. When touring a new and interesting place, I have discovered many things that have elaborated on my learning. From the people to the city itself, I was able to receive more awe-inspiring insights that I wouldn’t have in school.

As I am a lover of music, history, and architecture, travelling on these trips have really satisfied my passion! I was also able to really admire the true beauty of the world and what it had to offer. My perspective of the world changed, as I had the opportunity to see jaw-dropping wonders in real life. No words can describe that rush I felt when I saw the size of Versailles or when I sat on a boat, overlooking the Chicago skyline!

Additionally, I’ve developed my independence and responsibilities from my high school travels. Even though the trips were organized and there were itineraries to follow, I still had to exert to a certain degree of responsibility and independence. Since my parents were obviously not on the trips, I gained that sense of independence when I travelled on my own. Besides the teachers, no one was there to tell me what to do, what to order, or what to buy. I was completely on my own and that was a step to being independent. Moreover, when it comes to responsibility, everyone was responsible for their own belongings, such as passport, money, and luggage. Even though the teachers and chaperones were responsible for the entire group, everyone also had to be responsible for themselves and their behaviour on the trip.

Travelling on these high school trips have also helped me learn how to manage my money at a young age. Every time I travelled, I would always be cautious on the way I spent my money. Given a certain amount to spend, I had to make sure there was enough money for lunch each day, as well as money for shopping.

Another perk of high school trips are the friendships that were created. Band trips were always the best because I was able to connect to everyone from different grades. Everyone on the trip had two things in common; their love for music and travelling, so I was able to start a conversation. Literally, when travelling afar with some fifty students, you are bound to talk to them, as you will be spending a couple days in a different city together. When I was in Boston, almost the entire band chilled in my room, as we got to know one another. It was a really good night getting to know people and learning about different backgrounds and stories. As I got to know my bandmates a little more, friendships were created as well as connections that will forever be apart of me. People whom I’ve never spoken to before, are now people I say hi to on a regular basis.

To conclude, going on these trips was my form of escaping from my regular school life. I was able to take time off from school and put my life on pause right before exams. And since these trips were educational, I had no excuse not to travel, so I took every opportunity that I got! I must admit, it was quite expensive, however, travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer. All in all, these invaluable experiences from my high school travels has helped shape me into the person I am today.




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