Snapchat-812778466714250373IMG_20160105_20092512510599_10207155525139187_899772549_oIMG_20160105_234734IMG_20160105_210631IMG_20160106_080339IMG_20160105_233041IMG_20160105_230308This past Tuesday, my friends and I decided to take a day trip to Detroit and made our way to the Detroit Institute of Arts. I have always wanted to go to the D.I.A ever since people in my city started posting pictures all over social media. If you haven’t read my Europe posts, I am a HUGE art junkie, so whenever I am able to have an opportunity to visit a gallery, I get pretty excited!

We left the city pretty late during the day since all of us were running late. I was running errands with my mom in the morning but like all moms, they never keep track of time (Well, all of the moms I’ve met so far). Anyway, through the hustle and bustle, we finally made our way to Detroit for a day at the Detroit Institutes of Arts.

Having a reputation of being America’s notorious and dangerous city, Detroit is one heck of a beautiful city! With the architecture and history, its like a secret gem hidden away from the public eye. When I normally visit America, I would pass through Detroit all the time, but I never really got the chance to actually explore Detroit.

When we finally found parking, we headed towards the D.I.A, purchased our entry tickets and was ready to explore. Actually, I am not going to lie, we came for the pictures so we found cool rooms and art for photo ops. Since we came a little later during the day than planned, we didn’t have enough time to actually look at the art since we had an hour until closing.

Nonetheless, after countless of photos, we decided to call it a day at the Institute and made our way to find a quick dinner before purchasing baklava at Shitila’s and heading home.

For the outfit and despite how cold it was outside (especially in January), I decided to go fashionista mode. I went with a light brown poncho with a deep purple long sleeved topped from Old Navy and regular black pants from H&M. For the shoes, I decided to stud it out and wore gold studded black booties from Forever 21 and topped it off with a stripped hand bag from Aldo Accessories.



Outfit Details
Top: Old Navy
Poncho: Sirens
Bottoms: H&M
Booties: Forever 21
Bag: Aldo Accessories